We'll Treat Your Beloved Pet As If It Was One Of Our Own Providing Pet Cremation Services to the Mississippi Gulf Coast

We'll Treat Your Beloved Pet As If It Was One Of Our Own Providing Pet Cremation Services to the Mississippi Gulf Coast

At Paws to Remember, we know how hard saying goodbye can be. That's why our professional and compassionate care team is here to ensure you have the support, care and guidance you need. We believe in making the tough times a little easier, so that what matters most; your pet and all of the wonderful memories you have shared together, stay close to your heart.


We are one of only a few Veterinary Practices to have their own Crematorium. We have been providing exceptional care and treatment to pets for both our colleagues and our customers for many years. When the time comes for your furry loved ones to cross the rainbow bridge, our professional, but compassionate staff will be here for you.

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We're here to help you say goodbye in the most dignified way possible. We promise to treat your pet with the utmost respect whilst here. We have a very detailed chain of custody tracking system to ensure you only get back YOUR pets' remains.


Our service is tailor-made to you. Whether you choose the Biodegradable Urn Package to bury your loved one or a Custom Cremation Urn Necklace, our staff will help you make the right decision.


We promise to contact you as soon as the process is complete. Nothing is more important to us than returning your loved one back to you so you and the family can start the healing process.


We offer private and group cremation services for your Dogs, Cats and Small Exotic Pets.


We offer different packages for the private cremation services. Our packages are very budget-friendly, with no hidden fees. All of our private cremation services include a Claw Paw Print and Nameplate. We also offer private viewing services for our Parents at an additional cost, here you can watch the beginning of your loved ones cremation process.


With communal cremation, the bodies of several pets are placed together in the chamber and cremated together. With communal cremation, the facility will accept responsibility for disposing of the ashes. Ashes are not returned to pet owners with this type of service. Group cremation is the least expensive service.


At Paws to Remember we know how much you value your customers and you can rest assured when you choose our cremation services, we will treat them as one of our own. To view our full list of services please reach out to us and we will provide your veterinarian clinic with full access to our veterinarians portal.


We appreciate each and every one of our customers and would like to honor the passing of your beloved pet. To feature your pet's living memorial, please add your pet memorial submission today!


Have more questions? Give us a call at (228) 400-5242 or send us a message


Recently lost our baby girl Daisy. The staff at gulf coast emergency were outstanding,along with the cremation of our baby of 12 love filled years.From an old heart broken Marine,my wife and I Thank you.

Keith Little

Today I got my best friend scouts ashes back, I appreciate how much love and care they put into bringing you loved one back to you.

Tiffani Sackett

I just want to say Thank you so much. My cats loss was unexpected. Paws to Remember and Gulf Coast ER vet did an amazing job taking care of my Lincoln!!!

Stose Hartzog

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